World Vegan Day 2020

1 November is World Vegan Day. On this day, the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to humans and the environment are celebrated and it highlights how accessible a vegan lifestyle can be, as well as creating awareness around vegan lifestyle choices. Food Lover’s Market will be collaborating with ProVeg South Africa in promoting Veganuary 2021, a global pledge to get people to eat more sustainable, healthy options by trying a vegan or plant-based diet for the month of January.

We thought that World Vegan Day would be an auspicious day to announce some of our plans for Veganuary, and a great day to introduce 3 easy but delicious meals that you can try out on #WorldVeganDay.

Give our one-day meal-plan a try this weekend, and be sure to share some pictures with us. We can’t wait to see you back to participate in Veganuary.

Food Lover’s Market One-Day Vegan Meal Plan

Food Lover’s Market One-Day

Vegan Meal Plan:

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary does a wonderful job of supporting all participants with recipes and educational content, which contributes to their success of receiving 1 million sign-ups since their launch in 2014. To prepare your taste buds for January, Food Lover’s Market is teaming up with ProVeg South Africa to bring an affordable, easy and delicious plant-based one-week meal plan for one person for under R50 per day! This meal plan was sourced from Toni Okamoto, author of Plant-Based on a Budget. It was featured on the Netflix documentary What The Health, and has now been adapted to the availability and cost of ingredients found in Food Lover’s Market.

ProVeg is a leading international food awareness organisation working across 4 continents, striving for a world where everybody chooses healthy and delicious food that is good for all humans, animals and the planet. ProVeg South Africa will be supporting Veganuary 2021, while raising awareness of the plant-based diet as a multi-problem solution.

How can I get involved in Veganuary?