You First Health Range delivery with Untangl Health

to make something that is complicated or confusing easier to understand or deal with.

Untangl Health is a newly launched online health foods store making healthier eating fuss-free. Easily find, understand and order the right products for your lifestyle.

Untangl Health has a goal to empower you with the products & know-how to live your best healthy life, to love your life and feel your best. And NOW, our Food Lover’s Market health range: You First is exclusively available online for delivery NATIONWIDE with Untangl.
(BONUS if you’re in Cape Town, you get next day delivery.)


You First Health range is the exclusive range of Food Lover’s Market and Food Lover’s Eatery. Customers have always enjoyed the quality and price of this range. For this first time ever, You First will be available via online purchase and delivery, through Untangl Health. This means, no matter where you are located, you can enjoy great You First products.

Note: Only the You First range is available via Untangl Health. It is not a delivery service for Food Lover’s Market.


“Eating right shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be a celebration. Yet, health foods and how they fit into your way of eating can be hugely complex and often overwhelming. We aim to simplify that. We want you to be able to shop according to your dietary lifestyle, learn something along the way, and own your wellness journey with confidence and ease.

Whether you are just wanting to eat a little healthier, an athlete looking for a protein boost, a busy parent looking for healthier snacks, a smoothie lover wanting ready-made superfood mixes, an amateur baker wanting to ditch carbs or someone needing to change your diet for health reasons, having the right information and a hassle-free way of getting products to your door can help you to more easily implement a way of eating that is right for you.

We will regularly add products, keep enhancing product pages with clear information to help inform your choices and share relevant content about how to use the products at home. In short, we won’t just sell you chia seeds, we’ll tell you why they may be good for you, how to use them and how to make chia eggs for baking!

Developing healthy eating habits is one of the most important skills you can give yourself. We want this to be your “home” where you will find easy access to a curated list of great products and information so that you’ll go from frustrated, overwhelmed and confused to empowered, confident and healthy!

Isn’t it about time?”


“We (Andrew and Lesley) are siblings who have worked together in the food industry for the last six years. A healthy lifestyle has always been integral to who we are and what we do, but as the pandemic swept over the world in 2020, it has made the appreciation for health, and what that means for each person, come even more clearly into focus. People are realising that if ever there was a time to implement a better way of eating that is uniquely right for them, it’s now. We also know that these changes can be daunting and challenging, so it’s against this backdrop that we decided to create Untangl. We hope you find it makes switching or maintaining a healthy diet easier and something worth celebrating.”

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An inhouse nutritionist, Lesley, along with some other professionals untangle health foods for you to simplify healthy living.  Explore the health foods, paired with tips and insights on living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the balance to live your best healthy life on Untangl. From the nutritional benefits on different ingredients to the differences between certain health products, and how to use those products that can seem quite daunting, learn all about it here.

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