Top 10 (Very Easy) Snacks for Christmas Eve

It’s almost Christmas eve, yay! And that means time for Christmas Eve Snacks. For those that host a big celebration on Christmas Day, there’s still some quiet; Christmas carols are playing softly in the background; laughter is in the air. It’s the night before a huge Christmas lunch and it might be time to take it easy on your belly. Plus you need to get ready for Father Christmas, so there isn’t too much time for food preparation.

We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Snacks for Christmas Eve so that you have one less thing on your to-do list. Trust us, these snacks are simple, affordable, and easy to prepare (basically, you just put them out on a serving plate).


#1 Fairview White Rock Assorted cheese

This cheese comes in all sorts of flavours like glazed fig, mango and ginger, dried cranberries and much more, essentially combining sweet and tangy in one. It couldn’t be simpler. Choose your favourite and display it on a plate or cutting board.

#2 Prosciutto Crudo

Cold meats take the hassle out of Christmas time and are well-suited to a balmy December evening. You can fold them into different styles or place a few cuts on a board alongside fruit and cheese.

#3 You First Almonds

Almonds are a go-to snack anytime. Putting some out during Christmas Eve will keep the hunger at bay.

Idea: Cover almonds in a bit of olive oil, sea salt and cayenne pepper and roast for 15 minutes.

#4 Imported Salami Selection

Much like prosciutto, salami is enjoyed by most. Add some mozzarella and olives and stick them together using toothpicks or place them side by side on a plate.

#5 Bakers Choice Assorted

Bakers Choice assorted biscuits are a South African tradition that we love. The box has a wide variety of biscuits to suit any taste and they are pretty enough so that you don’t have to add anything else. Do you remember your childhood favourite?

#6 Rustic Baguette

Slice up a baguette next to an assortment of cheese and spreads and it makes the perfect snack.

Tip: Toast the bread a little before serving – an air fryer does a great job of it.

#7 Bakers Snack Time

Another favourite, Bakers Snacktime, contains an assortment of savoury biscuits ready to be enjoyed. Set them out with cream cheese, dips, tuna and olives, paté and much more.

Check out this peach chia jam recipe that goes perfectly with Bakers biscuits.

#8 Luxury Fruit Cake Slice with Whole Cherries & Pecans

We love a good fruit cake. The Food Lover’s Luxury Fruit Cake slice is just the right amount for Christmas Eve. Slice it up and set out with other delicious treats.


#9 Chocolate Coated Nuts

Nuts are a must-have for any Christmas time spread. Make them chocolate coated nuts and there are no questions asked! One to try is our trio of chocolate almonds, coated in white, dark and ruby chocolate.


#10 Fairview Brie or Camembert

Let’s end the list off with delicious brie and camembert. Added to savoury biscuits or freshly cut summer stone fruits, this will take your Christmas eve snacking to another level.


That’s a wrap on our Christmas Eve snack list. It’s fun to mix and match and create bright flavourful plates to display so don’t forget to have fun!


Leave the organising to us. Grab your Christmas Eve snacks at Food Lover’s Market. Find a store near you.