Top 10 Kids’ Stocking Fillers

You have a laundry list of things to do before Christmas. Gifts, making sure you have all the ingredients for lunch, getting the kids dressed and answering phone calls from every family member on earth. Well, as you pour your, umm, first glass of wine for the day, sit back and relax for a moment.

We’ve put together a quick list of the Top 10 Kids’ Stocking Fillers so that you have one less thing to worry about. The great news: each filler is affordable, fun and you can pick it up while you’re out grocery shopping at Food Lover’s Market.

10 Kids’ Stocking Fillers (all under R35 each)

#1 Nestlé Iconic Impulse Penguins

This mini Smarties penguin is a milk chocolate shell filled with tiny Smarties. Great for the taste, fun to count and sort by colour, this stocking filler is sure to impress.

#2 Festive Candy Canes

Candy canes are a Christmas must-have. They are tasty, fun to eat and you can add one or more to each stocking.

#3 Candy Cane Lollies

Much like the festive candy canes, these lollies come wrapped, so the kids might store them away for an after-Christmas treat.

#4 Enamel Mug & Mallows

A mug just for them – to fill with juice, water or more snacks! Plus, the mallows inside are a cherry on top.

#5 Drawstring Bag with Reindeer Droppings

What a cute stocking filler. Kids will guess what’s inside and it’s sure to make them giggle when they find chocolate-covered “reindeer droppings”.

#6 Strawberry and Apple Jellies

We have to include fruit somewhere, right? Yummy strawberry and apple jellies come in a pretty jar that can be redecorated and labelled for a fun way to store small items.

#7 Festive Christmas Tree (lollies)

Christmas-themed, peppermint flavoured lollies are a winner for the holiday. We think this one will be unwrapped before the stocking is empty.

#8 Drawstring Bag with Mini Mallows

We love the drawstring bag ideas. After they wolf down the mallows, the bag can be used to keep their special items like jewellery or again, more snacks!

#9 Cadbury Chocolate Mousse Snowman

What could go wrong with filling a kid’s Christmas stocking with chocolate? The answer is nothing. Shaped as a snowman, this chocolaty treat is a Christmas surprise they will enjoy.

#10 Milk Chocolate Lollipops

More chocolate, yes. But you might feel better giving them these (reasonably sized) chocolaty snacks.

Now that you have plenty of ideas, you can check them off your list! Find a store near you today.


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