Terms and Conditions – Big Buy Sava

1.         Terms and Conditions

  • To participate a Customer must have a cell phone number.
  • Airtime must be available to confirm the voucher number or balance using a USSD call.
  • Vouchers can only be purchased from participating stores and in multiples of R1.
  • Only Cash and Debit cards will be accepted when a customer purchases a Voucher.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for Cash, but must be used to pay for goods at a Food Lover’s Market store. If the balance remaining on the Voucher is less than R50 it can be redeemed in Cash.
  • A Voucher can only be redeemed in the same store in which it was purchased.
  • A 10% additional voucher, rounded down to the nearest R1, shall be issued to customers who redeem vouchers in excess of R2,000 by the end of the Easter weekend 2019 (23 April 2019).
  • Discount Vouchers can be used from the following day (not the same day).
  • Voucher numbers and Passwords must be kept confidential. Beware – if the customer provides a third party with the information or their cell phone is stolen and the Voucher is illegally redeemed there is nothing we can do.
  • Customers must use Vouchers within 3 (three) years of the issue of such Voucher to the Customer. All electronic Vouchers not fully redeemed by 23 April 2019 could be cancelled and the balance of the value represented thereby will be issued in the form if a physical Voucher. Customers will be contacted on their cell phone number to collect physical vouchers from the store it was purchased.  The issue of this physical Food Lover’s Market Voucher shall not be considered a reissue of the Voucher, it is the issue of the same Voucher in a different format.
  • If goods purchased with a Voucher are returned a refund will be done by issuing a new electronic Voucher, and not by paying Cash.
    In cases where payment was made by a combination of a Voucher and other means of payment, the refund amount will be paid by way of Voucher first but limited to the amount originally paid by way of Voucher – where after the balance will be refunded by way of alternate forms of payment.
  • Voucher balance enquiries and historic transaction records will be not be provided in-store.
  • By purchasing a Voucher the customer hereby provides its consent to receive SMS communications in relation to the Food Lover’s Market Voucher product and any in-store offers. The customer shall be entitled to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving such communications.

2.         Customer Support

  • For the Voucher Number or Balance – have your cell number and password ready and…
    • Phone the call centre 060 838 7068
      (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm excluding public holidays)
    • Dial *120*7687#
  • Visit https://trade.evoucher.mobi/
  • For a customer to change their cell number or password contact the call centre 060 838 7068