TCC Thomas Cutlery Collection Terms and Conditions


Find the terms and conditions of the TCC Cutlery collection campaign running at Food Lovers Market Holdings in 2020.


We are aware of the shortage of Thomas Cutlery sets nationwide, and we apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you.
The cutlery sets proved very popular in the final 4 weeks and we experienced a delay in the shipment reaching us, due to COVID-19.
Please note, we will honour all rain-checks issued to customers prior to the end date of 13 December, and we will contact you once the stock has arrived in store. The stock is due to arrive Feb 2021, due to delays in shipments caused by the pandemic. 

  1. For every R100 spent at a participating Food Lover’s Market store, Food Lover’s Eatery store or any Market Café or Seattle Coffee Co Bar located within a participating Food Lover’s Market store, you will receive one free sticker.
  2. Affix your stickers to this free collector card and after collecting 20 stickers you will qualify to purchase Thomas cutlery of your choice, subject to availability at a 75% discounted price of R49.99, R69.99 or R89.99.
  3. Stickers can be collected from participating stores from 12 August 2020 to 01 December 2020. Last sticker issuance date will be 01 December 2020. Completed collector cards can be redeemed up to and including 13 December 2020 ONLY.
  4. Stickers will ONLY be issued at the time of the completion of your transaction and may NOT be claimed at a later date or time.
  5. You will be able to redeem your Thomas Cutlery by handing in your completed collector card to a cashier at any participating Food Lover’s Market store.
  6. You will NOT be able to hand in a collector card for redemption if such card is in any way altered, amended, defaced or photocopied or which does not bear the required number of official stickers issued by participating Food Lover’s Market stores.
  7. You may not sell cards or stickers to other customers. If you do so, Food Lover’s Market is in no way responsible for any problems that arise from the transaction.
  8. Thomas Cutlery may not be exchanged for cash or items of value at any of our stores. Redeemed Thomas Cutlery may not be returned or exchanged for another Thomas Cutlery product. Defective Thomas Cutlery products will, however, be replaced.
  9. This promotion is exclusive to participating Food Lover’s Market Stores in South Africa and Namibia.
  10. Thomas Cutlery can be purchased at participating Food Lover’s Market stores at the full retail price of R199.99, R319.99 or R359.99 during the promotion.