Three foods that promote a healthy gut

It is a very trendy topic and more studies are coming out linking it to everything from mental happiness to the glow of your skin – we’re talking about gut health. Basically, it is all [...]

Eating during Endurance Sport Events

An article by dietitian; Danielle Roberts, with free high endurance sample meal plan. Endurance events have become very popular. Doing well, and recovering well in these longer endurance events [...]


Pre-Breakfast – Hot water with Lemon *Avoid/Minimize your coffee intake. Breakfast: Gut-Healing Smoothie:  (Or Overnight Oats) ½ cup (125 mL/4 fl. oz.) almond milk or Yoghurt ½ cup (125 [...]

Tips to Makeover Your Microbiota

An article by Monique Piderit, RD (SA), a registered dietitian located in Johannesburg. All about the Microbiota: Did you know that the gut is home to over 40 trillion bacteria, collectively [...]