Easing our Electricity use and Switching to Renewable Energy

Food Lover’s Market has been driving the reduction of electricity use and the switch to renewable energy for several years, and for good reason. The Group spent over R104m just on electricity in this financial year. Electricity usage at stores is monitored and checked on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure we stay within our limits.

Tariffs are regularly reviewed and the way in which electricity is used is checked. Even the electricity bills from landlords are screened for any abnormal changes. Through this investigative process, the company has saved over R3m this year. Since we started measuring our electricity, we have saved the Group more than R10m.

FLM is currently investing R8,35m in renewable energy that will see 50% of Brackengate and the Centurion DCs energy coming from the sun. These projects will kick off in January 2022. This initiative will bring about savings in the first year of over R1,8m – paying off the system in three years.

FLM’s energy initiatives are empowering the company to save money but also become more aware of the impact on our planet. Renewable energy has a long-term positive impact as energy comes from the sun and not from a non-renewable resources like coal, which is how most of our current energy is generated.

Remember, that with peak season on our doorstep, the more we save, the more secure our electricity will become and the more sales we can make.

All of us are responsible for being more energy conscious. See how you can reduce the energy usage in your store, DC or division. It could be as simple as turning off a light or a machine when not in use! So, step up and take charge.

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