Super into Sexy Superfoods?

Dating a super person with a super healthy lifestyle? They likely love the outdoors and rise fresh and early in the morning. 

Instead of cooking her/him up a big breakfast in bed, prepare these beautiful sugar free breakfast jars with Goji berry and  Chia seeds. They can be prepared the night before for the early riser, and they can be eaten on the go. 

If you’re doing dinner then try this super delicious and nutritious dessert made from Cacao/Chocolate – “Food of the Gods!” plus it’s guilt-free. Whip up this Cacao & Chia Seed Mousse.

Need a simple Superfood gift? Soaring Free Superfoods have amazing Raw Chocolate bars – impress your date with a slab or 2 of those! Here’s what makes them even sexier:

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