SOARING FREE SUPERFOODS – Coconut: “The largest known seed in the World”.

Full of revitalising electrolytes, the coconut is an abundant gift from nature. It is a tropical staple that is full with powerful fatty acids and health properties.

Did you know that coconut plants grow right near the ocean and are a natural water filter? It takes about 9 months to filter a litre of water into its shell. Young coconuts provide about 500ml of coconut water and have delicious soft meat that you can eat right out of the shell!

So, now you know what coconuts are, but did you also know that there are also so many products that derive from the beloved coconut, all with exceptional healthy claims? To name a few:

Coconut Water: This rehydrating liquid is found inside the coconut that the coconut palm has filtered. Get your hands on Purelite Pure Young Coconut Water and give it a try!

Coconut Cream/Coconut Milk: The soft inner flesh is blended with coconut water. This is often used in curries and even smoothies.

 Coconut Oil: As cooking oil, it is one of the most stable oils. The oil contains completely saturated fat and does not turn into trans fat with heat/when cooking. All other oils lose their benefits because they become unstable with excessive heat. Use Food Lover’s Market’s own You First odourless coconut oil in your cooking as a healthier substitute.

Coconut Flakes: part of the meat/flesh of the coconut. These are best enjoyed over plain yoghurt in the morning or else on top of a spicy curry.

 Coconut Sugar: made from coconut blossoms and is a low-GI alternative to toxic refined sugars. This is a great substitute for refined sugar, especially for those who eat a Banting diet.

 Coconut Nectar: this is a whole sweetener, unrefined and naturally high in nutrients. A substitute for sucrose making it perfect for desserts & drinks. It slowers the absorption speed of the sugars in the blood stream so it is Low-GI.


These magical plants offer a range of health benefits, Not only when we consume it but also in many other ways. Here are a few:

  • Revitalizing Electrolytes: Coconut water is great for rehydration and is almost ‘identical’ to human blood plasma. So dose up on some electrolytes when you are sick or feeling dehydrated.
  •  Weight Loss (Remember: Everything in moderation): It is a saturated medium-chain fatty acid, which speeds up the thyroid gland and metabolism – coconut is burned up in the metabolism immediately thus not stored as fat.
  •  Reduced Cholesterol: Helps reducing cholesterol by converting it into health hormones and does not clog up the arteries like some other oils which are unsaturated fats.
  •  Energy Boosting: The saturated fats require less energy to digest it which means it provides more energy quicker compared to other sources of fat.
  • Immune Enhancing: The saturated fats contain antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Coconuts also contain caprylic acid, which prevents yeast infections and helps overcome candida infections.
  • Blood Sugar Balancing: Coconut foods help relieve hunger and keep your blood sugar levels stable.
  • Skin Health: Coconut oil aids in the repairable of tissue damage. It has antiseptic properties, which keeps the skin healthy and youthful.


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Soaring Free Superfoods Mango Custard:

(Courtesy of The Magic of Superfoods: Buy this amazing recipe book here.)

A delicious custard that only has two ingredients! When mangoes are in season, make a batch of this and store it in your fridge for when you have guests over. Serves well with apple tart.


  • 2-3 Mangoes
  • 1/8 Cup Coconut Oil, melted


Blend ingredients until smooth and creamy and enjoy.



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