Seeds of Change – Chuck Chilli

A new supplier to Food Lover’s Market stores is stockist, Chuck Chilli – a range of chilli sauces that offers the heat, but also the flavour. Business partners, Boikano Sikwane and Tshepiso Manyoha liken eating Chuck Chilli for the first time as a surprising experience – much like getting a roundhouse kick from the other Chuck (Norris).

Chuck Chilli applied to become part of Food Lover’s Market’s Seeds of Change Development Programme, launched in 2021. Seeds of Change is a collaboration with the Social Enterprise Academy and aims to invite socially minded entrepreneurs to apply to become a supplier to the Food Lover’s Market family. After a rigorous application process (which saw 900 applicants enter online) and a top twenty selection process, Sikwane was chosen to participate in the week-long boot camp and to ultimately pitch directly to a panel of Food Lover’s Market executives and senior buyers.

While Chuck Chilli was not selected as the successful new Seeds of Change partner on the day, the buyers at Food Lover’s Market were so impressed with the product and the presentation, that they offered Sikwane an opportunity to become part of the Food Lover’s Market supplier network.

The product comes in three variants: mild, original and hot – all very flavoursome and in no way does the heat of the chilli compromise the flavour profile. Sikwane confirms that they’ve had to double the production of the hot variant as it’s the most popular.

Starting from humble beginnings in Sikwane’s garage, the duo originally made their unique batch of chilli for friends who took it to work where it gained popularity. Word spread, and eventually, they were selling chilli at markets and eventually to small retailers. Accessing the Food Lover’s Market network obviously gives their product the reach they need to retail to a wider customer base of chilli lovers.

Onboarding as a Food Lover’s Market client – while initially daunting – has been made easier with the support of the buyer and Head Office team who has taken great pains to ensure that the Chuck Chilli team has a seamless entry into the world of retailing on a larger scale to a big supermarket, explains Sikwane.

Sikwane’s advice to other small suppliers:

“Know your product, LOVE your product, believe in your product and get it out there!”

Chuck Chilli sauces are available at selected Food Lover’s Market stores nationwide.

What ingredients are in a jar of Chuck Chilli?

All the ingredients are purchased from the local fresh market in Gauteng, as well as from local small-scale farmers.

  • A secret spice blend
  • Chillies (of course, red and green)
  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • The hot variant has habanero
  • Sunflower Oil

Grab a jar, add some chilli to your meals and…Beware of the kick!

How do you store Chuck Chilli?

Once opened, you can store the jar of Chuck Chilli in the fridge for about 8 weeks. (Although, it might be empty before then 😉)