Saving Water by Avoiding Food Waste

Food Lover’s Market is working to not only reduce our footprint in our stores and offices but also to help spread the City’s message through all of our channels, to help get everyone on board to avoid Day Zero.

Please visit their website to read more about the #ThinkWater campaign from the City.

One way to save water, that is not regularly shared, is to Avoid Food Waste. It takes a lot of water to and other resources to grow and prepare the food that makes it to our stores, and then to your home. By wasting food, you are wasting all the resources used to produce that food, therefore by not wasting food, you are contributing to not a smaller water footprint.

Yes, not all foods in our stores are grown in the Western Cape, but we do our best to source as locally as possible, so much of it would be.

Some tips on avoiding food wastes are:

  1. Plan your meals for the week so you only buy what you need
  2. With that meal plan, create a shopping list and stick to it.
  3. Cook and eat what you buy. Make sure you eat the food in your fridge.
  4. Freeze what you can, or prepare food so it is ready to eat. E.g. cutting fruit such as watermelon can help to make sure it gets eaten.
  5. Choose to you fresh items in your fridge, before looking to add pantry items such as rice and tinned food. Making sure you use all the ingredients could result in a masterpiece!
  6. Finish your plate of food. Dish only what you think you will eat. You can always go back to seconds or make something small to fill a gap.
  7. Eat all your leftovers! Take your dinner for work for lunch, look out for easy recipes to transform your meals into new meals, or simply freeze for another day. Our website has great recipes and tips for leftovers
  8. Donate it. If you have fresh produce or even cooked leftovers that you know you aren’t going to get to enjoy in time, take it with you to work and give it to someone in need along the way.

Not only will avoiding food waste contribute to water saving, but it will help reduce your weekly food spend.

This is one thing you can do, to further reduce your water footprint, remember to adhere to all the guidelines as set out by the City of Cape Town.

#ThinkWater #WaterwiseWednesdays

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