Prawn Skewers with Spicy Rice

Prawns already cut and deveined take all the hassle out of cooking these tasty morsels and in this recipe we skewer them to make grilling and turning even easier. The rice can be made in advance and heated just before serving, too.


Cooking Methods

  • Grilling



Prep Time

40 minutes

Cooking Time

10 minutes



    2 350g packs Food Lover’s Signature Prawn Tails (cut & deveined)
    125 ml Food Lover’s Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    30 ml lemon juice
    60 ml chopped parsley
    10 ml Food Lover’s Crushed Garlic
    10 ml grated lemon rind
    2 1/2 ml cayenne pepper
    2 1/2 g coarse ground black pepper
    1 small red chilli, sliced (optional)

Spicy Rice

    250 ml Tastic rice, uncooked
    30 ml butter
    1 onion, chopped
    1 small green pepper, diced
    1 small red (or yellow) pepper, diced
    sprinkle of garlic salt
    5 ml paprika
    2 1/2 ml cayenne pepper
    frozen peas, thawed (optional)



    Mix together oil, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, lemon rind and spices.
    Add chilli if using.
    Thread thawed prawns onto soaked wooden skewers (or metal if you have), running skewer through top and bottom of prawn so it looks like the letter C.
    Place skewers in a shallow dish and pour half the marinade over, spreading it round and over the prawns; allow to stand for about 30 minutes, turning them in the marinade now and then.
    When fire or grill is heated to medium, remove prawn skewers from marinade and place on grid/grill.
    Cook, turning, until prawns are bright pink and opaque, basting them with the already-used marinade.
    Do not overcook; they should cook in about 6 minutes.
    Remove from heat and serve immediately with Spicy Rice, with remaining unused marinade drizzled over the hot prawns and a couple of lemon wedges.

Spicy Rice

    Cook rice according to instructions on packet.
    Drain and set aside until required.
    In a large pan, heat butter and add onion.
    Fry until onion softens; add peppers and continue to fry until all vegetables are soft, glossy and onion is lightly browned.
    Turn heat to low and add spices, stirring.
    Toss in cooked rice and mix together well.
    If rice is too dry, add a bit more butter or a drizzle of olive oil.
    Toss in peas, if using.
    Heat rice through, remove from heat and serve with Grilled Prawn Skewers.