Beef & Prune Casserole with Red Wine

A yummy beef & prune casserole infused with red wine – it’s sweet, savory, and festive! We’ve added a bit of coffee and honey for some depth of flavour, paired with mixed spice – it’s a delicious fusion of North African flavours!

For something lower carb, serve it with a simple greek salad. Enjoyable on a Sunday evening with a glass of red wine.


Cooking Methods

  • Braising

Prep Time

40 minutes

Cooking Time

120 minutes



    1.2 kg beef on bone (brisket, chuck or similar suitable for slow cooking/stewing)
    20 x Food Lover’s Dried Prunes
    300 ml red wine
    300 ml beef stock
    50 ml Food Lover’s Canola oil
    20 ml Food Lover’s Crushed Garlic
    200 g pickling onions, peeled
    200 g potjie potatoes, halved
    200 g young carrots, sliced
    ½ pack green beans, topped & tailed
    30 ml flour
    Salt & Pepper, to taste
    1 shot espresso coffee (yes, truly!) or 10 ml instant coffee granules
    15 ml Food Lover’s honey
    2.5 ml ground mixed spice
    extra water, as needed



    Sprinkle meat with seasoned flour.
    Heat oil in an ovenproof casserole; add beef in batches and fry until browned. Remove and set aside.
    Add onions and potatoes to the oil and toss in hot oil until they take on some colour and soften slightly; remove.
    Return meat to the pot, add stock and half the wine, coffee and honey, plus spice. Season with salt.
    Cover and place in a preheated oven at 170 deg C for 1 hour. Meanwhile, cover prunes with balance of the red wine.
    After the hour, remove casserole from oven and add all the vegetables.
    Stir well; add prunes and rest of wine, if desired.
    Return to oven and cook until all veggies are soft and the meat is tender.
    Check sauciness and add extra stock or water if needed. Adjust seasoning to your liking and serve.
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