Cured Italian meats from Raspini

Discovered cured meats from The Raspini Familia from Piedmont, Italy.

We import cured meats and salami from Raspini, a family that have been curing meats since 1946, on the green slopes of Moviso, in the Piedmont Province.

The name Piedmont itself derives from the Latin for “at the foot of the mountains” and is border by both Switzerland and France. The strong connection with the territory and food culture of the region Is rooted in the innovation of the product.

All Raspini tray products carry the label humanely-raised which refers to pigs that are raised on family farms in an environment that promote their natural behaviour and socialisation. From birth to harvest, the highest animal welfare standards are applied. You can read more on their website.

Raspini prides itself on safety, freshness and quality in its craftsmanship.


Signature Raspini products at Food Lover’s Market

Mortadella Bologna, Salame Milano (Milano Salami), Prosciutto, and Antipasta (the selection of 3 cured meats)

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