Put your Festive Leftovers to Use

The festive season always brings with it copious amounts of delicious food. The belief is that it is better to cater too much than not have enough food! You probably want to impress your guests with a variety of tasty dishes and satisfy all their needs and this means that there will always be leftovers, so why not make good use of them and give them a second life?

Here are some ideas to give new life to your flavoursome Christmas leftovers:


Chicken and Turkey:

– Turkey and/or chicken pie (If you don’t have enough for a big pie, use phyllo pastry and make small phyllo pies for a snack)

– Turkey/Chicken and potato curry (slow cook this so that the meat shreds and gets tender and serve it with some crisp poppadoms)

– Turkey cacciatore (This is an Italian favourite, a tomato and cheese bake with your leftover turkey)

– Chicken, turkey and veg quesadillas

– Homemade pizzas topped with your leftover ingredients

– Chicken and vegetable salad

– Turkey, Brie and cranberry sandwich or salad

– Festive turkey Croque-Monsieur (Perfect for breakfast!)



– Honey mustard gammon wraps – add some crunch with lettuce and fresh coriander

– Hawaiian pulled gammon rolls (Use a French loaf, slice it up and fill it with grilled pineapple, gammon and salad)

– Gammon, watercress and spanspek (sweet melon) salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing

– Cheesy nachos with shredded gammon


Roast Lamb:

– Cold lamb and rocket rolls with a mint sauce

– Bruschetta topped with your fave flavour combos (A perfect boxing day entrée)

– Lamb, feta and mint salad

– Lamb and veg stir-fry with noodles

– Shepherd’s pie pastries

– Lamb Pilau

– Shredded Lamb with a tzatziki or yoghurt dressing and slaw, served in a pita bread

– Lamb and veg flatbreads


Roast Beef:

– Sliced beef, mustard and baby spinach sandwich

– Beef, veg and couscous salad with coriander and goat’s cheese

– Roast beef and pepper pot pie with your leftover gravy

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