Healthy Eating and the #LoveFoodMovement

We officially launched our #LoveFoodMovement, a journey where we encourage you to explore your kitchen, reach your food goals and appreciate fresh ingredients and good food.

We aim to excite, educate and inspire.

Join us on this journey where we will be sharing recipes, informations and tips to get you to fall in love with food again, in a healthy way.

We will be exploring all lifestyles, goals and eating types over the next few months such as Healthy Living, Superfoods, Plant-based Eating, Cooking on a Budget, Get Banting, Cooking with and for your Kids and Entertaining.

We are kicking off the first of the series with Healthy Eating, in partnership with Bits Of Carey, a food consultant and stylist, recipe developer and official foodie. She has always had a firm love for food and being in the kitchen, which led her to working for PnP, and private consulting. Recently she has been working on eating more mindfully and cleanly and we are proud to have her join us on our #LoveFoodMovement as it ties in perfectly!

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