Glassware Bonus Days

Shop and redeem on these days to get a bonus added to your glassware collection!

Double stamping on Wednesday 17th November

Double stamping means for every one stamp you earn, according to the T&Cs, you will get another sticker.

Double Redemptions on Black Friday, 26th November

On 26th November 2021, you will be able to redeem 2 sets of glassware for the “price” of one. That means that when you bring your 15 stickers (one completed card) you will be able to purchase 2 sets of glassware.

Please note: You will pay for both sets, that is the reduced price that is required to pay will be required for both sets. e.g. 15 stickers + R59.99 + R59.99 will get you 2 sets of mix drink glasses.

Note: Double redemption is only valid on glassware sets.

Double stamping on xxth December- xxth December

Details to be released soon. Stay tuned.



T&Cs apply.

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