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Part 1

Fruitlandia, the most beautiful place anyone has ever seen. One day, Sally and Benny are asked by the king of Fruitlandia to travel to a magical place called  Food Lover’s Market.

Will the Goodness Gang get to meet all the children of Food Lover’s Market?

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Part 2

Sally Strawberry and Benny Banana know they will need some help from their friends, so decide to find some of their buddies to join them.

Meet Bongi Blueberry and Olly Orange, the funniest pair of fruits, as they join the journey to Food Lover’s Market.

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Part 3

Manny Mushroom always felt like a bit of an outsider, because he is not a fruit or a vegetable. One day, Adam Apple befriended Manny and taught him it’s okay to be different and he should embrace his uniqueness.

From that day. Adam Apple and Manny Mushroom were inseparable.

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Part 4

Pumi Pea and Betty Broccoli love reading about grand adventures. When Betty and Pumi heard about their friends’ adventure to Food Lover’s Market, they could not say yes fast enough!

After reading about exciting adventures, they were finally going on their own adventure! With the gang now complete, will they make it safely to Food Lover’s Market?

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Part 5

The Goodness Gang set out to finally meet real-life kids! They set out to Food Lover’s Market, but not before crossing treacherous Junk Food Alley!

Will the Goodness Gang make it safely to Food Lover’s Market?

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Colouring-In Pages

Each story part comes with 2 new fantastic Goodness Gang colouring-in pictures for the kids to enjoy, while learning about how to eat healthy and have fun.

Enjoy reading the Goodness Gang bedtime stories to your kids, or let them enjoy reading it themselves. Our stores can be read online, or downloaded and printed.

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