How often are you carrying on, going about your daily activities, but completely thinking about something else and not paying attention? Perhaps you drove to work and realized you had no idea how you got there?Or you can’t find the parking ticket that you had just taken out of the machine?
Typically, when we are ungrounded, we are thinking about something else besides what we are doing or being right now. We are not in the moment or being mindful of our every action and thought.
When we are feeling super stressed we often feel like we are all over the place and split in too many directions.
If you are feeling floaty, frenetic, or a little spacey and out of control then you are in need of getting grounded.
In order to restore your balance and wholeness follow these guidelines and use these Yoga tips to reconnect with yourself.

Go to nature – or bring nature to you
The best way to get grounded is to kick off your shoes and walk in nature. It is a real treat to feel the grass or beach sand between your toes. If however you live in the city and nature seems too far away, then burn Sandalwood incense. Smelling incense waft through my house brings me straight back into the moment, out of my head and into my body again.

Take a deep breath
Sitting or lying on the floor, place your right hand over your heart and your left hand on your belly. Feel the warmth of your hands and then start taking deep yogic breathes. Breathe in from your tummy, ribs and chest and then out from your tummy, ribs and chest. Be conscious of each hand rising and falling and feel the calmness and peace flow throughout your body.

Grounding yoga postures
Calming, slow paced yoga reduces overexertion and fatigue to an already stressed out body, so seek more pacifying yoga sequences and focus on moving deliberately. Extend your breaths held for each posture and also pay attention to the transitions and flow between each posture – being more conscious of your movements.
Tree pose and Mountain pose are wonderful postures for rooting your feet into the ground and reducing anxiety and stress. Any balancing pose wakes up the soles of your feet and teaches you to focus on one point in order to keep your balance. Warrior I, II and III help you whilst also building strength from the ground up.

Basic grounding meditation
Find some quite time and a peaceful space and take a few minutes to ground yourself through meditation. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Taking long, deep breathes, focus on your breathing and visualize breathing up and down your spine. Once you feel more relaxed then bring your focus and awareness to your sit bones and the base of your spine. Feel the different sensations of feeling grounded, secure and safe. Imagine the colour red and keep focusing on the base of your spine. Sit here and connect to the feelings of serenity and peace. When you are ready slowly open your eyes and carry on your day in a cool and calm way.

Next time you are feeling ungrounded, Instead of spiraling into emotions of hopelessness, anxiety, and stress; use these techniques and you’ll find that you quickly can come back to yourself when you need to.
So even when there is turmoil in your life, get grounded by feeling at peace with yourself and connecting with the root and essence of who you are.
Happy grounding!

By Sharni Quinn

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