More ways to use fresh fruit juice

Nothing like a refreshing glass of juice for an energy kick full of vitamins! Where else in the kitchen can you use fresh fruit juice? We’ve got some super ideas on how to use fresh fruit juice to add fresh, fruity flavours to your recipes.


Most juices contain natural, organic acids. These acids are great for tenderised meats and adding a tart, yet delicious and fresh flavour. The most acidic juices are cranberry and citrus varieties. Here are our top suggestions:

A good all-round, to-go marinade: Orange juice, garlic, and herbs of your choice such as origanum, thyme or basil.
For Fish: we recommend Basil and Orange dressing.
For chicken: We like Thyme, Origanum and orange juice.
For pork: Apple juice, pineapple juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Olive oil and some crushed chilli.
For an Asian Style: Mix orange juice with soy sauce, garlic, ginger and coriander. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds to really add pizazz.
For something different: Cranberry Chilli marinade with cranberry juice, chilli flakes, lime juice, ground pepper and olive oil.

Homemade Ponzu:

Ponzu is a Japanese dipping sauce, full of flavour. Make your own at home with orange juice, lemon juice, soya sauce, mirin (rice wine vinegar) and water. Fresh spring onion adds a great garnish and colour to this sauce.


These combinations are super simple. Mix the ingredients to taste, shake up and serve!

Orange juice, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and a touch of honey.
For something sweeter; try mixed berry juice, lemon juice, chopped basil and olive oil.


Soak fresh fruits in fruit juice, not only for flavour but also to soften the fruit. It will allow you to prepare your fruit before you entertain as it will protect against browning.

Overnight oats have become an overnight sensation for a quick-prep and healthy breakfast. Add some a dash of juice to your milk or coconut milk to add some sweetness.

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Remember fruit juice is high in sugar, without the fibre that makes fruit so good for you. Remember to drink it in moderation, and count it like condiment when adding it to foods.