Fresh, Delicious Meals to try this Spring!

Here are some delicious fresh meals for you to try this Spring:

Spring Salad:



Crunchy, bright, sweet and tangy, what more could you ask for in a Salad? Protein-rich superfood grain – Quinoa, is light and fluffy in texture and it’s nutty flavour blends so well with the colourful berries, pomegranates, mint and basil in this salad. Make it for a crowd, for the family or perfect as dinner/lunch for one! Click here for the recipe.





Pulled Pork Carnitas:




A gourmet dish made simply to enjoy as a weeknight dinner. Make extra to take some leftovers for lunch the next day, because you will be wanting more! Click here for the recipe.





Blue Crab Salad:


If you’ve never tried Blue Crab, now is the time to do so. Something fresh and interesting for a starter or side at your next dinner evening with friends. Impress them with this elegant Blue Crab salad paired with homemade aioli. Click here for the recipe. 






Grilled Minted Lamb Chops with Pea Salad:



We all know it, Lamb and Mint is a beautiful flavour combination and another simple weeknight dinner. Fresh mint and a touch of cumin brings a depth of flavour to this dish, and instead of pairing it with a starch, enjoy it with a green, beautiful Pea salad and a Lime dressing. Click here for the recipe.





Spring Fruit Tarts:



We bring you a pick of spring’s freshest fruits, from juicy peaches to sweet strawberries, straight from the farm. With such a delicious selection to choose from, you’re sure to enjoy every bite! Spring fruits are colourful and beautiful, and these little fruit tarts are simple and beautiful for dessert. Click here for the recipe. 


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