Food Lover’s Market Somerset West Set To Open New Experiential Theatre Of Food – 23 November 2017

Food Lover’s Market will be opening its new flagship store in the Helderberg basin on 23 November 2017. The existing Somerset West store has been closed since 12 November 2017, while the new store – also situated in the Somerset Value Mart – was being built, furnished and stocked to welcome shoppers just ahead of the December rush.

The new store offers up to 1413 sqm additional floor space, making the total space of the new store 3707 sqm and allowing for bigger departments and many new and exciting food offerings. The trendy design of the store – which includes energy-saving technologies – places a large focus on children which led to the inclusion of in-store branding geared at getting children excited about fresh produce and healthier foods.

Over the past five years, Food Lover’s Market has made great strides through the Earth Lovers program with regards to limiting lighting technology and energy consumption. The lighting in the Somerset West store, if run at full capacity, will only use 26 000w, 7.56w / m2. This is a notable reduction in consumption and the light quality within the store is vastly improved. In addition to efficient lighting fixtures, Food Lover’s Market has also invested in a smart lighting system for the trading floor which works in conjunction with the skylights. The system is connected to daylight harvesting sensors. These sensors are programmable so that an ideal light level is maintained. The sensor can pick up the amount of natural daylight in the store and it then regulates the light fixtures to only provide the amount of artificial light required to reach the set level. As a result, during summer the trading floor should run on an estimated 50% of the standard power usage for a store of the same size.

“The new Somerset West store is undoubtedly one of the brightest jewels in the Food Lover’s Market crown. We are very excited to give shoppers in the Helderberg and Overberg region a new premier fresh food retail experience. While we haven’t departed from our “Theatre of Food” aesthetic for the store, we have definitely brought in many new concepts to ensure that shoppers have a fun, exciting and largely convenient shopping experience,” says Brian Coppin, CEO of Food Lover’s Market.

Convenient meal options for people on the go

The first of its kind in the Western Cape, The Food Lover’s Market Food Junction is one of the most exciting departments in the new store. The Food Junction offers shoppers a variety of meal choices such as Schwarmas, Burgers, Pizza and Mexican food – all prepared to order. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get something on the go, you could pick up a gourmet sandwich at the Cheese & Cold meats deli. In addition to all the awesome made-to-order meal options, the store will also have the usual hot & cold self-service food stations. The aim of these departments is to provide an easy and convenient offering for the office workers and residents surrounding the store. It provides the option to pick-up a quick lunch for the office or a hearty and healthy meal to enjoy at home after a long day at work. If good old fish and chips is your Friday tradition, you’ll be happy to know that you can pick up freshly prepared fish and chips in the seafood department or alternatively, get the fish of your choice for your weekend braai.

Sushi and Asian Bar

A daily selection of freshly prepared sushi is available at a free-standing “food island”. Shoppers are welcome to enjoy their sushi at the sit-down counter. In addition to the sushi, you can order a wide variety of noodle dishes from the Asian Wok which also forms part of the “food island”.

Health Lovers

Food Lover’s Market has a key focus on ensuring that shoppers have access to a wide selection of great quality health products. The Health Lovers section allows shoppers to decant their favourite nuts, seeds and dried fruit or conveniently make their selection from the pre-packs available.

The Market Cafe and Seattle Coffee Company

Sharing a common space, these popular departments have been cleverly designed to complement each other, giving shoppers an easy walk across from the one to the next. The Market Cafe will provide shoppers with comfortable and inviting seating in an upmarket space to have a meal with family or friends. In keeping with the other Market Cafes, this one will have an ala carte menu – it will also have a “harvest table” allowing shoppers the option of dishing their own meal from a selection of fresh and tasty seasonal dishes. The premium roasting company, Seattle Coffee Company have a host of well-trained baristas waiting to take your Latte order or whip together a refreshing iced-coffee to provide some relief in the coming summer days.

One stop shop for all your Christmas essentials

Just in time for the festive season, an exciting Christmas section will be available to shoppers throughout the month of December which offers an exciting selection of festive treats, ideal for gifting or adding decadence to your Christmas menu.  If shoppers don’t find what they’re looking for in the Christmas section, they can venture over to Candy Land to stock up on a variety of sweets.

Along with the standard Bakery, Butchery, Fresh Produce and Grocery departments, this Food Lover’s Market will also stock a wide selection of local, premium wines.


“What we are trying to achieve with the premise of this store is to offer a convenient shopping experience for everyone. Whether you need to grab a quick lunch from our selection of pre-packed sushi and paninis or pop in after work to do your grocery shopping, the whole store is set up for an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience,” says Coppin

Brett Exner, centre representative of AJVH Propco 1 Pty Ltd. says, “The owners of Somerset Value Mart are looking forward with great anticipation to the new Food Lover’s Market store that will open on 23 November 2017 at the centre.”

Says Exner, “The new store is the culmination of the combined vision and unrelenting cooperation between Landlord and Anchor Tenant, Food Lover’s Market, and is part of a redevelopment and leasing strategy that will assist the owners of Somerset Value Mart in re-positioning the centre as one of the Helderberg region’s most sought-after convenience and lifestyle orientated retail destinations.”

Concludes Exner, “The ease of access and great proximity and exposure that the Somerset Value Mart offer, together with the new Food Lover’s Market flagship store as the primary anchor tenant, bode well for the future performance of the centre and its unique tenant offering.”

The store is situated on Centenary Drive, on the Intersection of N2 & R44 in Somerset West. It will be trading as of 09:00 on 23 November 2017. All shoppers are welcome to come and experience the new store and take advantage of great opening specials.