Food Lover’s Market Hartbeespoort

Food Lovers Market are aware of the assault allegations that have been made against our Franchisee, Mr. Chris Gianocopolus.  These are deeply concerning as we do not in any way, shape or form, condone behaviour of the type which Mr. Gianocopolus has been alleged to have perpetrated.  We are however unable to independently verify the truth of these allegations and must therefore await the outcome of the police investigation which was launched as a result of a complaint by the employee involved.

As far as the other allegations with regard to short payment of wages, excessively long working hours and other employment related matters are concerned, these too are equally worrying.  We have today dispatched a senior member of our HR team to investigate and will respond further once this report is handed to us.  We expect this early next week.  Team members who have raised grievances about wrongful dismissals have also been encouraged to take these matters up with the CCMA.

Lastly, we reiterate that we demand the same standard of behaviour from our franchisees which we require of ourselves and will not hesitate to act should these standards not be properly maintained.