Introducing Food Lover’s & Co

Say hello to our team of brand ambassadors for 2019. This hand-selected motley crew of micro-influencers are here to take us on a journey of food enjoyment, inspiration, and easy solutions.
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Aya Gope

Eastern Cape born Private Chef Ayabonga Gope studied Hotel Management and Culinary & Arts at the Chef’s and Hospitality Skills Academy. His career highlight is being a contestant in the popular show Top Chef South Africa in 2016 and subsequently a finalist.

Chef Aya worked as a Sous Chef at the Deck House in Cape Town before participating in Top Chef South Africa. He has since embarked on a solo career as a private chef, regularly cooking for intimate occasions, clients from abroad, corporate functions and bespoke events

Leila Pass_The_SAlt

A professional food stylist and food blogger & Food Editor. She has recently relocated (back) to Cape Town after living in the concrete jungle (Johannesburg) for the past six years. Sunshine and beach sand is what it’s all about at the moment. That, AND being a busy mom running after an even busier toddler & bouncing a six-month-old baby girl on her knee. Let’s just say, she currently has her hands full, which means kitchen and cooking time needs to be EASY and SUPER QUICK!

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Monique Piderit RD (SA) is a registered dietitian at Nutritional Solutions with a Masters degree in dietetics from the University of Pretoria. Monique is at present a PhD candidate at the University of Pretoria.

Guided by evidence-based nutrition, Monique believes in an integrated approach to wellness where the key to being healthy is to adopt small yet sustainable, unique changes to your lifestyle. Monique has a keen interest in the role of good nutrition to optimize performance and recovery in athletes, as well as gut health.

Nadia_Adventures of a stay at home mom

The Non-Adventures of a Stay At Home Mum – of two beautiful, energetic little girls. Nadia is the budget queen and knows the importance of planning meals for her busy family. You’ll find her busy in the kitchen coming up with quick, kid-friendly meals. Home cooking shouldn’t be a chore and she aims to inspire others to experiment with fresh produce and unusual flavours. “I have a weakness for new products and literally cannot walk past anything marked Limited Edition without adding it to my trolley.”

Cisca De Kock

Meet Cisca – A University lecturer by day and a social media Mom
by night. She started her blog create an an authentic and honest
account of our journey and enjoy creating content around lifestyle,
food, wine, travel. Join Cisca on a baking experience like no other, one savoury and sweet bite at a time.

Lucia Dramat _ On the go

Lucia is an encourager and although that is not a formal title it is something she pours herself into wholeheartedly. As a radio presenter, columnist, blogger, public speaker and life coach she takes every opportunity to share some encouragement and motivation. She enjoys entertaining, tasty food and exploring with healthy dishes. Family time with her husband and son is her happy place but Mauritius won’t hurt.

Rita _ Banting

Heroes of fat, putting carbs & sugar in their place (the bin). Rita started one of the biggest South African Banting group on Facebook. She is your go-to support for anything banting! If you’re in for High Fat, Low Carb then the Banting 7 Day Meal Plans group is your place to be! Share any of your banting questions, recipes, ingredients, ideas and more with the Banting community. 

Michale Leach

The plant-powered founder of Health Alignment sharing the essential key aspects of a healthy lifestyle and ways of creating wholesome, healthy plant-based meals. “I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for almost 10 years and I have learnt a lot about vegan food during this time!”
Check out the healthy plant-based recipes and inspiration!

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