Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Who says breakfast in bed in only for Moms?

It’s 2017 and Dads will enjoy a hearty breakfast in bed just as much as Moms! Everyone likes to be spoilt and just think of the surprise on his face! Besides isn’t he always the one that gets up to help you on Mothers’ Day?!

To start the perfect Fathers’ Day off, get cooking in the kitchen (or ask a family member for help) with this great recipe dads will love. Don’t forget the coffee!

Biltong Omelette:
Prep: 10 minutes Cooking time 10 minutes.

1 tsp cooking oil

3 large eggs

15ml milk

½ cup biltong (your choice, shredded smaller if you prefer)

½ cup diced green pepper

Salt, pepper and dried coriander to taste

Blend eggs and milk until smooth / all the mixture in one yellow colour.

Add salt, pepper and coriander to taste.

Place a frying pan onto a stove plate on a medium heat, and wait until it heats up.

Add oil to the frying pan.

Once the oil is hot add the egg mixture and be sure to spread it around like a pancake.
Wait until the egg has cooked slightly and then add green pepper and biltong to half the omelette.
Once cooked, flip the half without filling onto the filled half.

Remove carefully and serve.

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