Eating Seasonally – In Winter

Cold? Craving hearty soups and stews? Loving the citrus variety in stores? It’s winter time!

Eating seasonally is mother nature’s way of saying – here are the nutrients and micro-elements you need as the season changes. Here are Food Lover’s, we are all about fresh produce – so we like to believe that there it is no coincidence that citrus appears right when we need a Vitamin C boost.

Getting the right things for your body is not the only region to enjoy seasonal produce:

  • Sometimes avos are SO EXPENSIVE RIGHT? That ;s when they are not in season. Enjoy fresh produce in season and your budget will enjoy it too.
  • In the right season, that is when your fresh will be at its best. Optimal flavour, texture and nutrients.

We love a good potjie, or a rustic vegetable soup. What is your favourite Winter dish?


Winter Fruit


Winter Veggies

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