Dinner for One – Get your ‘Me-Time’!

We all need a little “Me-Time” so take the advise and have a date with yourself! Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal and invision your dreams or relax and fall in love with cooking by exploring some new ingredients and delicious meals. The best part, to get to enjoy your fabulous meal twice – when you pack some leftovers for lunch! Which means you can choose from any of our delicious Valentine’s Meal ideas for 2 and you don’t have to share the seconds with anybody! 

Dinner For One

T-Bone steak with Tomato & Pepper Relish : T-bone steak…all to yourself! And why not make some effort for yourself and braai whilst you enjoy a glass of wine, or ice cold beer and enjoy the Summer weather outside.

Boozy Baked Apples – Divide the recipe by how many Boozy Apples you want for dessert and you can buy the perfect amount of ingredients from Food Lover’s Market.

Avocado mousse veg

Vivacious Vegan

Roses are red, zucchini is green & this new sexy Zucchini Pesto Pasta is just for you. A delicious recipe for your healthy vegetarian  or vegan date night at home: https://staging.foodloversmarket.co.za/recipes/zucchini-noodles-tossed-fresh-basil-cashew-nut-pesto/

Filled with goodness, healthy benefits, it’s sugar-free and delicious; we present our Chocolate Avocado Mousse. (ALL FOR YOURSELF)


Sexy Superfood-ie?

Check out our date-night recipes for you, from Cacao & Chia pudding to sugar-free breakfast jars (or dessert?). We’ve got some super options for you! Click here for more date night ideas.

banting pina colada bowl smoothie fruit

Banting Valentines

We all love burgers, so why not make your own? Try this Molten Banting Burger with Avo!

Who doesn’t love Pina Coladas?! Coconuts are the largest known seed in the World – an abundant gift from nature making it super sexy!

A Simple, healthy and delicious bowl that can be made for one Pina Colada bowls.. 


Time-Saving Dinner

While you might have the best of intentions, you might not have a much time as you want to spend on cooking AND more importantly, you want to spend the most time gazing into the eyes of your date, not staring at your stove top!

This sheet pan dinner is the easiest way to cook a delicious, healthy dinner! It’s SO easy to make and even easier to clean up.

Simply follow this super easy how to video online: Sheet Pan Dinner

Valentine’s on a Budget

You’re a student or trying to save for something amazing, doesn’t mean you can’t explore the kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal for one.

Keep it classic with an Italian Spaghetti Bolognese or Homemade Italian Meatballs. Or perhaps enjoy this simple Penne with Tomato Ragu (one pan, and it’s simpler than it sounds). The leftovers will be even better!

Topping bruschettas are really simple and easy on the pocket, simply purchase baguettes, or ciabattas from Food Lover’s Market along with some garlic and olive oil. Plus you can buy just enough for yourself.

Here are some great topping suggestions for your bruschetta.