Crazy ways to eat Hot Cross Buns

What’s not to love about hot cross buns smothered in butter or apricot jam? A perennial South African favourite, the hot cross bun needs little introduction. However, modern and more adventurous tastes dictate that we look to alternative ways of eating our hot cross buns.

Let’s look at some ways to have fun with the bun!

  1. French Toast

As an alternative to bread, consider soaking your favourite hot cross bun variant in the traditional French Toast egg mix, heating a large knob of butter in a pan over medium eat, and frying your bun halves until golden brown. Garnish with berries and cream beaten with a couple teaspoons of castor sugar.

  1. Bun-and-butter pudding

Take a traditional bread and butter recipe to a whole new level with some classic or chocolate hot cross buns. Instead of using bread, layer slices of your seasonal buns in a dish. Food Lover’s Market has a delicious and oh-so-easy recipe!

  1. Beef burger

Now stay with me here – it might seem like the wackiest idea of them all, but the sweet of the hot cross bun perfectly compliments the savoury of the burger.  Consider adding a strong cheese to the burger – like the Food Lover’s Market Gouda, and serve with thick-cut homemade sweet potato chips for a taste explosion.

  1. Bacon and cheese breakfast toastie

What’s not to love about the combination of bacon and cheese? The simple breakfast hack calls for a toasted bun, a thin layer of butter, a slice of cheese and crispy, streaky bacon. Super easy and delicious!

  1. Ice-cream sandwich

This is almost too simple and an easy way to finish off an al fresco braai. Halve your buns horizontally and toast – on the braai or in the oven. When nicely toasted, allow to cool just a little before adding hazelnut or chocolate spread to both halves. Finish off be adding a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, before squishing the two halves together and serving. Now that’s what you call “Lip Lekker Braai Kos!”

  1. Stuff your chicken with hot cross buns

So you’ve bought more buns than you could possible eat before it goes stale? No problem – there’s a wonderful, wacky and delicious solve for that too. Simply shred the stale bun and mix with grated carrot, herbs of your choice and a knob of melted butter. Add some sea salt flakes and cracked black pepper to the mix and voila! – you have stuffing for your chicken, turkey or duck.

And there you go – one hot cross bun and so many wonderful, crazy ways to enjoy it.

Look out for more tips, tricks and Hot Cross Bun trivia every Friday, as of today, and leading up to Good Friday.

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