Celebrate Mom this weekend

A Jar for Mom...

Messages of Gratitude

A jar filled with lovely messages for mom to open every morning. Something to make her smile, feel loved, and special each morning. Not only messaged, but it could be activities to do with her that day, like a puzzle, or dinner, or an ‘at home’ pedicure. Perhaps it is something in the future you can do together, like go to you favourite picnic spot. Add some notes from the family too, get them to send you the messages they want to include in the jar! Mom can open one a day for the next month.

A jar of her favourite Cookies

Bake her (or buy her) favourite cookies or biscuits. Pop them in a jar with a special note tag. Simple, but a little something she can enjoy everyday – made by you!

If she’s a carrot cake lover, you should make these Carrot Cake Cookie sandwiches. 

A breakfast Jar

A little something for the health mum…a healthy chia breakfast in a jar. Or perhaps a salad lunch in a jar, or her favourite dip for an ‘at home’ picnic! Serve it to her this mother’s day.


Jars filled with her favourite snacks she can enjoy when she needs them! Healthy snacks, and treat snacks! Decorate the jar at home with ribbon, or whatever is around the house.

Coconut & Oat Body Scrub Jar

A DIY body scrub jar for mom to pamper herself. It is so easy and mess-free in the kitchen. Try this Coconut & Oat Sugar Body Scrub. Click here. 

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A jar of her favourite flowers, succulents or herbs! Whether they are from the garden, or regrown herbs or even seedlings you planted – it’s something that can last and make her smile everytime she looks at it.

Feast for the Foodie Mom!

If mom doesn’t mind the kitchen being a little mess – just make sure you are on cleaning duty for the weekend – then create a feast for her! If she loves cooking and baking then cook with her or give her a break from cooking and whip up her all time favourite meal!