Best in fresh for your festive table

What to make with the Food Lover’s Christmas Hamper? 

The Food Lover’s Christmas Hamper includes a boneless gammon, pickled tongue, corned beef and pickled pork. We have got some marvellous recipes to try this Christmas! 

This cherry and balsamic glaze is the perfect way to finish off your roast gammon this festive season. The sweetness of the cherries and the tartness of the balsamic vinegar work so well with the flavours of the smoky gammon. Try this Cherry & Balsamic glazed gammon recipe.  

Beef Tongue: Made by the one and only Pete Goffe-Wood, this beef tongue is succulent and served with a cannellini bean hummus. Try this Beef Tongue recipe 

For the corned beef, try this Beer-braised corned beef with a whisky mustard glaze 

Cherry Balsamic Glazed Gammon

Do these roasts not tickle your tastebuds? Perhaps you are going for a turkey, lamb or lekker porchetta? Our lemon and yoghurt lamb recipe is definitely a top one to use, or explore more Christmas roast recipes here.  

Whatever roast you’re doing, don’t underestimate the importance of the sides! 

What about a Plant-Based Christmas? 

As for our plant-based and veggie eaters, yes, we boast our quality cuts and meaty roasts but our core is fruit and veg! So, this year, make sure you have the best in fresh at your table. A popular vegetarian roast is a nut roast, and we’ve got just the ingredients you need! Get to our Health & Happiness gravity flow dispensers where you can buy nuts, seeds, and dried fruits per kilogram, and get just the amount of nuts you need this Christmas.  

The Food Lover’s Festive Fruit Mix is vegan, so get your hands on that and make this vegan Christmas cake recipe, 

Vegan Fruit Cake – Image by @the_pickychef

As a sponsor of the Festive Plant-Powered Show, we got to taste some delicious recipes from famous chefs who shared their Christmas recipes using ingredients from Food Lover’s Market. These were our top picks: 

You can download the free digital cookbook here.   

Be the one with the MOST scrumptious sides! 

Keep them coming back for more by impressing your family or friends with sumptuous sides!  

A popular Christmas side: Brussel Sprouts. But, before you turn your nose up, you should try them (Plus, they are in season, so use them!) You can’t go wrong by adding bacon and butter to your Brussels…this Bacon & Butter Brussel Sprout recipe will be a winner!  

Roast Turkey and Bacon Brussels

Bacon & Butter Brussel Sprouts with Roast Turkey

Roast potatoes…you cannot have a Christmas feast without them! These sage and butter roasted baby potatoes are to die for.

Sage & Butter Roast Baby Potatoes

Sage & Butter Roast Baby Potatoes


A seasonal salad like this artichoke and quinoa salad is top of our festive salad recipes. For something, a bit more classic, and simpler, try the stone fruit and green bean salad, or a roasted butternut salad.

Artichoke and Quinoa Salad
Roast Butternut and Green Bean Salad
Festive Stone Frtui and Green Bean Salad

As for dessert? Pretty please with a cherry on top!  

Those cheeky cherries are for snacking on, for that gammon or for a beautiful pudding this Christmas! 

Fresh cherries are only in season once a year, so this Cherry Clafoutis is a perfect pudding for the festive season! This is probably one of the easiest desserts you will make, plus it will impress your guests, pleasing to both the eyes and taste buds

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis 

Looking for an amazing dessert to make this Summer? This is it! A beautiful, creamy baked cheesecake using cream cheese, condensed milk, and white chocolate busting with Summer flavours. Try this Summer fruit cheesecake recipe.

Summer Fruit Cheesecake with white Chocolate

Summer Fruit Cheesecake with White Chocolate

What about a Christmas Cake showstopper? This year, Di Bibby of Bibby’s Kitchen whipped up an awesome Gingerbread Village Christmas Cake. See how to make it here 

Got any leftovers? 

Do you find yourself sitting the day after Christmas with leftovers? IF you delicious feast has not been gobbled up, we have some delicious ways to use up Christmas leftovers. You can request that your guests bring tuppaware to your feast and send them home with leftovers. If you aren’t having guests this year, or you want to turn the leftovers into something delicious on boxing day, then explore some of these ways to use up the Christmas feast leftovers. Read them here.  

One more thing…this festive stone fruit Sangria recipe is a pretty impressive and refreshing drink you should serve this Summer.