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Shop, stick, save – at Food Lover’s Market with our Thomas Rosenthal Knives loyalty collection programme. 

  1. Spend R100 on your usual shopping, and get 1 sticker free.
  2. Stick the sticker onto your collectors card, and collect 20 stickers. 
  3. Save 75% when you purchase your favourite Thomas Knife. 

Introducing the Ultimate Range for all Kitchens – Internationally acclaimed Thomas Rosenthal Knives, collectable at Food Lover’s Market. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing to shop at Food Lover’s Market.

Every time you spend R100 at any participating Food Lover’s Market, Food Lover’s Eatery, Market Café or Seattle Coffee Co (when attached to a Food Lovers Market or Eatery) in South Africa and Namibia, a team member will give you one sticker, you will have to paste this sticker onto a collector’s card, available in store. 

Once you have filled your collector’s card, you can redeem a Thomas Knife for an additional payment of either 49.99 or 79.99 depending on the knife you choose. This will result in over a 75% discount on the price of the knives. 

If you wish to purchase the knife outright, they are available to buy from 399,99. The matching wooden knife block can be purchased without any stickers for a heavily discounted price of 49.99.  The collectors card can be redeemed at any participating store. 

The full range of Thomas Rosenthal knives available at FLM are: 

Utility Knife: 20 stickers + 49.99

A medium sized knife that can be used for miscellaneous cutting. It is larger than a paring knife but not usually as large as a cook’s knife. It is good for cutting larger vegetables such as butternut, or cuts of meat not large enough for a cook’s knife. 

Santoku Knife (Small): 20 stickers + 49.99

This is originally a Japanese version of a cook’s knife. It is excellent for chopping vegetables and the wide blade is good for scooping up sliced food off a cutting board. It is good for crushing garlic and other ingredients. 

Santoku Knife (Large): 20 stickers + 79.99

As above, the larger Santoku knife fairs well at chopping vegetables or herbs, as the curved blade allows for a rocking motion. 

Cook’s Knife: 20 stickers + 79.99

A multi-purpose kitchen knife designed to perform well at many different kitchen tasks. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

Bread Knife: 20 stickers + 79.99

Used for cutting bread; the serrated blade of the knife, helps to cut through soft bread without crushing it. 

Steak Knife x 2: 20 stickers + 79.99

Unlike the other knives on offer, the pair of steak knives are table knives used in eating rather than preparation of the meal. Most often used for cutting steak or chops. 

Knife Block: 49.99

This sleek designed knife block with hold of your collection of Thomas Rosenthal knives, except for the steak knives. Knife blocks are safer compared to keeping sharp knives muddled up in a drawer among other utensils, and as the blades do not come into contact with other utensils, it is protected and stays sharper for longer. 

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Our cashiers will hand you a sticker (or stickers) upon completion of your purchase. If you are collecting, please don’t leave the counter until you have received your sticker. If you are not collecting and are offered a sticker, kindly decline. Please note, that our staff are not allow to take unwanted stickers. Promotion ends 8 December 2019.