A Banting Vamping Valentines

Thinking about your own, or your partner’s banting diet when preparing your special dinner date? We are sure that is going to bring in the brownie points – a banting brownie of course!

No need to fret, Food Lover’s Market, the Banting 7 day meal plan’s banting provider of choice, has just the recipe to melt their hearts!

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Molten Banting Burger with Avo


Who doesn’t love Pina Coladas?! Coconuts are the largest known seed in the World – an abundant gift from nature making it super sexy!

Simple, healthy and delicious bowls that can even be shared, create these Pina Colada bowls for your date and they’ll give you the key to their heart 😉 – https://staging.foodloversmarket.co.za/recipes/pina-colada-coconut-bowl/

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